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Browser Based Online Adventure

Two Online Adventures – Play Now!

Both games are playable in English and German!

NEW – As with so many other businesses at the moment, we were required to temporarily close our doors. We don’t want our escape game fans to be bored at home and that’s why we developed two Online Escape Games! For only 10€ you gain access to the game. When you want to play is completely up to you. With the purchase of our online games, you are significantly helping our small business, while bringing a little fun and adventure to your life at home. At the end of the game, you will receive your money back in the form of a 10€ gift certificate for our Live Escape Games in downtown Hamburg!

How to buy the Game: Scroll down, choose the Online Escape Game you would like to play and add it in your cart. Here you will also see a short description of the story behind the game.

What you need to know about the game:

  • After purchasing the game, you will receive an Email with the Link to the game. The game is only playable once. It is possible to pause the game and to continue at a later time.
  • The game is NOT playable on a smartphone.
  • It is a browser based game. You do not need to download anything and can begin right away! The games are playable on computers and tablets and you simply need a connection to the internet.
  • The game "Operation Jackpot" requires stereo headphones (sound on the left and right ear) for one puzzle!
  • We estimate the game will take you between 1-2 hours (depending on group size and number of tips).
  • Playable: alone, together or against each other!
  • You can play from several different locations at the same time! Just use Skype or Zoom for example to communciate with each other.
  • Per Team you can play with up to 5 people!
  • Per Team you only need to purchase the game once. All participants in your team can use the code to gain access.
  • For more than 5 people you can play in separate teams against each other. Begin at the same time and see which team finishes the game faster! To keep it fair, we recommend each team deducts 3 minutes from their final time as a penalty for each tip.