Sleepless - A dream full of magical moments!

A Sleepless Escape Room

Playable for ages 14 and up! Players under 14 may play if they are accompanied by an adult.

Insomnia is not a horror game but rather a dark and mysterious journey into a magical and bizarre dreamworld!

It is 3am and once again you find yourself laying completely awake in bed. The sheets are soaked through with sweat and your chances of falling alseep again are not looking good. Along with delusions and dark thoughts, one thing is clear: you are suffering from a sleeping disorder called „Insomnia“ and for quite some time now. It’s time to take matters into your own hands and to fight this terrible sleeping disorder – but how?

As fate may have it, the next morning you stumble across a newspaper article: „Test Subjects Wanted! Volunteers required for a new and experimental sleeping therapy to battle Insomnia!“

Although this sounds a bit suspicious, you think you can put together the perfect group to face the challenge. On the day of the experiment you and your team arrive at Hamburg’s Sleeping Laboratory and receive a strange overview of the therapy from a quirky doctor. Thanks to the newest technology, you and your team now have the chance to travel through your own dreams in order to conquer your Insomnia. This new therapy may cure you of your sleeping disorder but it is also quite dangerous.

If you wake up within one hour and escape the dream, then you have conquered your inner demon and are cured of Insomnia. However, if you don’t manage to wake up within an hour, then you remain trapped inside your dream forever! You find yourselves asking, „Was this really a good idea?“ Too late! Now you’re in this together!

Scientists have discovered that teamwork is required to achieve your goal in the magical and bizarre dreamworld. You must solve puzzles, combine items and work well together in order complete your mission.

Are you clever enough to solve all of the mysterious puzzles in the dreamworld or maybe even set a new record? Or will you remain trapped forever in your dream? The choice is yours – an unforgettable adventure awaits you!