The Hamburg Tract


Playable for ages 14 and up! Players under 14 may play if they are accompanied by an adult. Playable with 2-8 people.

You and your team find yourself in a maximum security prison cell with exactly one hour to solve the mystery! You are locked behind bars and your mind is racing:

„Just a few minutes ago we were on the streets of Hamburg…suddenly we were whisked away in blurr of racing police cars and are now trapped under strict surveillance at the Hamburg Trakt Prison! Due to extreme security measures, this prison that has a reputation for being inescapable. Or should we say „had“ such a reputation. We’re not just going to sit here and go along with it. We’re going to put this reputation to the test and no one can stand in our way!“

But first things first. What actually happened? Surely we didn’t commit a crime…we must have been framed!

Who did it?    Why us?   And most of all, how do we escape?

We look around at each other stumped. Sometimes a look alone can say more than a thousand words – we are in agreement and we will bring the true criminals to justice! We simply need to keep a cool head and work together. If we use our strengths as a team, then we have a chance at making a prison break.“

Become a hero!

Now is your chance to execute a prison break and become a hero! Are you ready to experience the adventure of a lifetime? This time you’re not sitting in a movie theater or in front of the TV but rather becoming the main character in your own story. The guards are tough and have stopped several previous attempts at a prison break. Is your team quicker, agile and more clever than the prison security staff? Role call is held every 60 minutes so you don’t have much time! Can you solve the plot against you and escape from prison? Time is ticking…ready, set, go!