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An Escape Room Corporate Event

Is your company looking to improve communication and strengthen your team, all while getting to know each other better and having fun? Then a corporate Team-Building Event at Big Break Hamburg is the perfect opportunity to achieve just that! Whether you would like to play with work colleagues or customers, this is your chance to break down barriers and become closer as a fully functioning team unit.
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A Unique Way for Companies to Celebrate

Our Exit Games provide the opportunity to organize a new, unique and fun corporate event, perfect for every employee. This exciting group activity gives your team the chance to work together to achieve a common goal in a fascinating and exciting adventure. An Escape Game fits to every occasion including but not limited to:

  • Christmas
  • Summer Fests
  • Project Completion
  • Internship Event
  • Parties
  • Ice Breaker Event
  • etc.
Ideal for Companies
in Hamburg

Teambuilding Events

Teambuilding Events are becoming increasingly important in today’s corporate world. Big Break Hamburg offers companies the opportunity to book our Room Escape Games as a teambuilding event for your project team or department. The event promotes teamwork as well as communication in a fun and creative setting. At a Big Break Hamburg teambuilding event, groups have the chance to work together as a team in order to promote a more efficient and effective workplace. For more information or for a free quote, please contact us directly.

What to Expect from a 
Big Break Hamburg Corporate Team Event:

  • Achieve Success with your colleagues and grow closer together as a team
  • Solve mysterious puzzles in an exciting setting
  • Actively work together while having fun and achieving a goal
  • Use problem solving skills and communication to find success

After the event, you won’t be able to stop talking about your exciting teambuilding experience! Who solved what? When did you work together the best? What was your favorite part?

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Room Escape Games as an Employee Event

The Big Break Hamburg Team is exceptional at organizing and executing Events with a particular focus on Room Escape Games in conjunction with Team-Building Events.

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Our customers range from small businesses to large corporations. We suit our teambuilding events to fit your company’s needs. Need recommendations for Restaurants near us? Please contact us for more information

How does a Room Escape Game stand out as a Corporate Event?

We fulfill the needs of all companies regardless if branch or size. Big Break Hamburg caters to your company‘s group size and ensures that all participants have fun while becoming closer as a team! If you need a restaurant recommendation near our location, feel free to contact us!

How is the Event Rated?
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