Black Box Challenge

The ultimate competition for 2 to 30 people

Eight mysterious boxes and one hour to crack them! How many can you solve?

Book Now! Playable starting August 27th, 2022!

Each team consists of 2-4 players and you compete against other teams to see who can solve the most boxes within 60 minutes. All eight boxes are completely different and are made of a variety of electronic as well as mechanical puzzles. As soon as the clock starts, try and solve as many black boxes as you can to win the competition. Bookings are open to the public so you can choose to play as a single team against others or you can book privately for your entire group. Whether you play with 2 or up to 30 people, our puzzle boxes have something for everyone! The Black Box Challenge is particularly great for company parties, teambuilding events, birthdays, bachelor parties and much more! Gather you teammates and show us what you got! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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How to book

Just go to our booking calendar and pick a date/time that suits you best! When choosing the number of attendees, be sure to choose the number of teams rather than the number of individual players. A minimum of two teams is required to make a booking.

You want to play with just one team?

You have a single team of 2-4 people and would like to play against another team? Just look for a time slot in our calender, where another team has already signed up. Then you can play against each other in a tournament!


Whether your team is made of two, three or four people, each team pays only 66€ to play. For example, if you are a team of 4 players, then each person only pays 16,50€.

Private Event

You can also of course book a private tournament with family, friends or work colleagues. Just look for an appointment in our booking calendar where no other team has signed up. By booking all six teams in one time slot, you can reserve the Black Box Challenge privately for your entire group!