The Toy Maker

COMING SOON! The newest adventure from Big Break Hamburg - Get excited for a wild game full of crazy surprises!

We are currently still building the game!

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Discover the fantastic world of the Toy Maker!

The game is currently still being built and therefore cannot yet be booked! We are hoping to open our newest adventure by the end of this year!

You and your friends love to play games and solve puzzles. You are delighted but also quite intrigued when you receive an exclusive invitation to meet with the owner of a famous toy store.

When you arrive however, you discover that the store seems to be closed and the owner is nowhere to be found. The door suddenly springs open and you step inside. One thing is for sure: this is no ordinary toy store...

*** If you have a physical limitation or a handicap, please note the following: To play the game you must be able to move through small passages and do a bit of climbing! ***