You and your team, 60 minutes and one exciting mission! Work together to make your great escape and become the protagonist in a thrilling adventure!

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Escape Room

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Escape Room

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Time Travel

Escape Room

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The Toy Maker

Escape Room

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Escape Room

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Black Box

Mobile Escape Room

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Escape Room I


Break out of our maximum security prison! You and your team, 60 minutes and a prison cell. The door? Locked behind you! Either spend the rest of your life behind bars or make the prison break of your life! Fate is in your hands. It is your choice, but decide quickly, as roll call for your cell is in 60 minutes. Time is ticking – ready, set, go!

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Escape Room II

A dark and mysterious journey
into your own psyche awaits you...
After years of suffering from sleep deprivation, you finally agree to take part in an experimental sleeping therapy that is highly dangerous, yet supposedly the most effective treatment for your suffering. Placed in a deep artificial sleep, the doctors instruct you to face your fears and battle your inner demons in a bizarre dreamworld in order to find peace. But be warned, if you are not successful within a 60 minute time frame, you will remain trapped in the dream world forever, never to wake again.
Are you clever enough to wake up?

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Escape Room III
Time Travel

Travel through time in a mystical and fascinating adventure!
Something has gone terribly wrong during the government‘s secret time travel project! You and your team have been chosen to travel through time in order to fix the mistakes and set history straight. The portal is however only open for 60 minutes! Do you dare to take a fascinating trip through time in a race to save the world?

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Escape Room IV
The Toy Maker

You and your friends love to play games and solve puzzles. You are delighted but also quite intrigued when you receive an exclusive invitation to meet with the owner of a famous toy store. When you arrive however, you discover that the store seems to be closed and the owner is nowhere to be found. The door suddenly springs open and you step inside. One thing is for sure: this is no ordinary toy store...

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Succeed together as a team!

What do our
players think?

Amazing Experience!

We had so much fun playing here that we have played all 3 games!!! The games are really creative and you really feel like you’re transported to another world! The game hosts are also super nice and friendly! The puzzles are also clever and make you think!

Victoriay00 auf tripadvisor

Absolutely Perfect!!!

We played as 2 persons in english and the whole experience was absolutely perfect! The explanation, the game itself and the whole Big Break Team was simply perfect!

– Heda H auf tripadvisor

Fantastic Escape Room

I don‘t feel I need to even give details here, its an escape room and one of the best I have done. Its entertaining, fun and very detailed.

Snowman001 auf tripadvisor


Absolutely amazing!! One of the best escape rooms I was in, in my experience. We are an experienced couple and we had no free minute. The room is perfectly done and the service was just outstanding!!

Lostenka auf tripadvisor


I don‘t even use this word but there is little else that can describe this experience. I took my boyfriend for his birthday and we BOTH loved it. So thrilling, realistic and exciting. It felt like we were in a movie! Immediately after we called up several friends from Hamburg and demanded them to book their experience. Seriously the best!

– Sheyla4 auf tripadvisor


We did the Insomnia and the Time Travel escape rooms. They were the best escape rooms I ever visited. They have put a lot of love and detail in what they made.

– Joost V auf tripadvisor


We offer the opportunity for companies to hold a unique corporate event in a new and creative setting. Whether it’s a small event for your department or a large corporate event for all employees and customers, we have a variety of options and offers available.

At our Live Escape Game, the emphasis is not just on solving puzzles. It’s about teamwork and working well together in a group to achieve a common goal. As a renowned organizer of Teambuilding Events in Hamburg, we provide a feeling of community and sense of achievement, which is critical in promoting a more efficient and effective workplace. And it’s a load of fun too!

1 Hour – 1 Team – 1 Goal

Only through teamwork can you make it our of our Escape Games!

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Who can play our Room Escape Games?


Get your heartrate up after your sightseeing tour. A pure adrenaline rush! Our Exit Rooms are full of surprises and each are connected with a true story. This is a once in a lifetime experience and a must-do free time activity in the middle of downtown Hamburg!

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Escape from the every-day workday and strengthen the bond with your colleagues by experiencing an adventure together. This is teambuilding in a whole new way! We offer a variety of possibilities for you and your team!

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Friends & Family

Travel through time with your best friends, work together with your parents in a strange dreamworld or escape from prison with Grandpa and Aunt Emily – at Big Break Hamburg anything is possible!

About Friends & Family

Bachelor Parties / Stag Dos

Before you party hard for your bachelor/bachelorette party, prove you have real team spirit and experience a Live Adventure together in a group!

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Gamers / Geeks

Nobody can get anything past you and you are the quickest to crack the trickiest of puzzles? Prove it to us and set the all-time record!

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