Under Quarantine

The Browser Based Online Escape Game

Play the Online Escape Game Now!

NEW – As with so many other businesses at the moment, we were required to temporarily close our doors. We don’t want our escape game fans to be bored at home and that’s why we developed an Online Escape Game! The game costs 10€ and gives you access for several days. With the purchase of our online game, you are significantly helping our small business, while bringing a little fun and adventure to your life at home. At the end of the game, you will receive your money back in the form of a 10€ gift certificate for our Live Escape Games in downtown Hamburg!

We estimate the game will take you between 1-2 hours (depending on group size and number of tips).

Playable: alone, together or against each other!

You'd like to play the game together at the same time from different locations? No problem! You only need to purchase the game once and can then log on at the same time using the same code on different devices. If you are playing against each other, then each team should purchase the game. For enhanced communication, we recommend simply using Skype or Zoom.

The world is at a standstill!

There is a highly contagious virus causing an epidemic and much of the population is under quarantine. Nevertheless, you‘ve risked coming to our detective agency to try and crack our newest case: the disappearance of Professor Marks.

The world renowned microbiologist has been missing since this morning and along with him, the newly developed formula to the vaccine to fight the virus. He announced his scientific advancement yesterday and began acting strangely after receiving a mysterious telphone call. Why was he acting so strangely and who was he talking to? Don‘t waste any time. Make your way to his apartment, get inside and search through everything! Time is of the essence!

How does it work?
Scroll down to buy the game directly on our website. You will receive a confirmation email directly afterwards and can play right away!

What do I need for the game?
You need a good internet connection, pen and paper and a sharp mind!